Saturday, 4 October 2014

Waiting Game

Once again we got together with Vivid Fashion Group to shoot a male fashion story for the upcoming magazine publication. Our model on this shoot was charming Anthony, styling was supervised by Daniel Jones. 
We shot in and around Clissold Park in North London.

Inna Chumachenko for Vivid Fashion Group

My first collaboration with Vivid Fashion Group was a last minute shoot organised by their fashion stylist Robyn Bilodeau. The target was to produce two images for the 'stylist recommends' section but the day was so beautiful and the model so gorgeous that it felt like we just couldn't stop. For one of the shots seen below we even managed to 'borrow' a sheltie puppy with the distinctive name of Rory O'Sullivan!

Photography: Karolina Amberville
Hair & MUA: Makeup Artist Magdalena Skoczylas
Stylist: Robyn Bilodeau

Model: Inna from Leni's

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Apart from The Beauty & the Beast shoot (with horses), which could only be compared to a circus and taming wild animals, the shoot on the Baltic cost was the second most challenging ever to plan and to execute. Even something as trivial as wind seemed to be playing its tricks on us, it was so strong that none of my assistants were able to hold the reflector without being blown away (hence all the shots were done with natural light only). But hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 
So ladies and gentlemen please find below the images from our desert expedition shot in May this year.

Photography: Karolina Amberville
MUA: Magdalena Skoczylas 
Stylist: Ewa Michalik 
Model: Malgosia / GAGA