Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Greek Goddess

Every session is different but this one was special. We'd been planning the day of the shoot for more then two months, exchanged a lot of emails, raked through loads of magazines and online portfolios, hunted for clothes and jewelry to finally get together & shoot for basically 6 hours non-stop. 
If it wasn't for the food provisions sent to us by my dear assistant, we would probably forget about eating altogether.

I think when one prepares so much before the shoot, there is that need to just finally get to the studio and put it into practice. And I'm sure it's not only me enjoying the whole process.

When you do your research and put together a mood board, the sky is the limit. But, the way I do my research is a whole new chapter so for now let's go back to my Greek Goddess...

The initial idea for the shoot came from the TV series: Spartacus: Blood & Sand. I think I was just finishing the prequel and admiring the costumes and then met my model and that was it - click! 

One has to have a starting point and then just build on top of it. 

Since it was my model's first experience in front of the camera, I'd sent Maesa loads of literature on how to prepare for the shoot: what to expect on the day; where to do her research; tips for posing etc. 

Apparently one link said that she should practice posing in front of the mirror... naked! 

Whatever homework Maesa did - it certainly worked! 

I was really amazed by the sheer volume of ideas, faces: she is a true actress! 

But what I was really happy with was my model's courage of being able to leave her own self on the doorstep of my studio and become: Audrey Hepburn, Josephine Baker, Domina of Spartacus, Elizabeth Taylor, Maria Magdalena & Katie Holmes... 

M was bang on time and we were able to start without delay.

The first make up we did was natural with the exception of big eyelashes from Shu Uemura (my favourite). With this came four costume changes. 

After a short break for a (very) late lunch we added on a bit more make up: golden dust eye-shadow - pure pigment from MAC. 

The dress worn on the Greek Goddess shot is actually 4 metres of jersey bought the day before, especially for the shoot, and wrapped around Maesa. 

Jewellery was also purchased the week before the shoot, thanks to all those ongoing sales in London!

When we finally finished M packed up all her entourage of clothes, shoes & accessories (was it two full suitcases?) and went home. 

And I set sail on a journey of post-production, selecting & editing. 

In the end around 60 photos were ready to present, many many more then usual. But that's all thanks to the enormous effort devoted to it beforehand. 

The expression: "The more you put into it the more you get out" cannot be more then appropriate here. After all, being a model is a job and no-one on the first day of their new employment fresh from school becomes the CEO, or, an Olympic Medalist. 

Practice, practice, practice is crucial in every aspect of our life, the same applies to modelling. 

So once again - well done M - hope to see you in my studio again, but this time we need to raise the bar a notch for you to become a Roman Empress! :)

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