Saturday, 9 March 2013

How did I shoot Spiderdog?

For the professional photographers there is no secret in how I shot that photo but since so many people asked me how I did it, I decided to share it with you guys

The idea came to my head a long time ago but it was the spur of the moment when I decided to finally shoot it. 
One Sunday morning, just before my 5k run (you can see I'm wearing some fluorescent running trousers!) I grabbed a tripod and my dog and here we go. 

First I took a photo of the bedroom. I shot it on a very wide angle - I don't mind the distortion, I think it complements the final (bizarre) image. 

Then I took the photo of Burger sitting on my head as I struggled to hold him up...

Then trying to keep his front paws at the same place I took the photo of his bottom-half.

...and then I joined those three photos together and voilà!

Thank you! xx

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